Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if I am having trouble participating in the program?
What does the Drive Dubai experience include?
The Ultimate Driving Experience in Dubai for two eligible adults include:
  • Drive a Williams Racing F1 car
  • One Day Driving experience
  • Tuition in driving formula Renault cars and Williams Racing F1 cars as well as high-speed passenger rides and car drifting experience
  • Meet and greet with Williams Racing F1 Driver
  • 5-star accommodation in Dubai for two nights (Nov. 27 and 28th, 2017) (Double Occupancy)
  • Air transportation including airport transfers
  • Exclusive gifting
  • Food and Beverage across two days
What are the participating products?
011111179400 DV Bar White 48(1) 90g 1x90g
067238846275 Dove Bar White 36(2) 90g 2x90g
067238846282 Dove Bar SS 36(2) 90g 2x90g
067238851477 Dove Bar CM 36(2) 90g 2x90g
011111267275 DV Bar Restore 36(2) 90g 2x90g
011111432918 DV Bar Revitalize 36(2) 90g 2x90g
011111553828 Dove Bar Dry Oil 36(2) 90g 2x90g
067238851606 Dove Bar White 12(4) 90g 4x90g
067238851613 Dove Bar SS 12(4) 90g 4x90g
067238851620 Dove Bar CM 12(4) 90g 4x90g
011111436541 DV Bar Revitalize 12(4) 90g 4x90g
011111553835 Dove Bar Dry Oil 12(4) 90g 4x90g
011111066564 Dove Bar Men Extra Fresh 12(4) 90g 4x90g
011111066571 Dove Bar Men Deep Clean 12(4) 90g 4x90g
011111408388 DMC Bar Clean Comfort 12(4) 90g 4x90g
067238221546 Dove Bar WH 24(2) 113g 2x113g
067238221188 Dove Bar SS 24(2) 113g 2x113g
067238221324 Dove Bar Unscented 24(2) 113g 2x113g
067238221317 Dove Bar Shea Butter 24(2) 113g 2x113g
067238221195 Dove Bar CM 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111223738 Dove Bar Revive 24 (2) 113g 2x113g
011111433212 DV Bar Revitalize 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111553859 Dove Bar Dry Oil 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111221000 DV Bar Mens Extra Fresh 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111221406 DV Bar Mens Deep Clean 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111407886 DMC Bar Clean Comfort 24(2) 113g 2x113g
011111241985 Axe SG Phoenix 4p 473mL 473mL
011111262683 Axe SG Apollo 4p 473mL 473mL
011111270138 Axe SG Sport Blast 4p 473mL WIP 473mL
011111241992 Axe SG Dark Temptation 4p 473mL 473mL
011111242265 Axe SG Excite 4p 473mL 473mL
011111242258 Axe SG Jet 4p 473mL 473mL
011111368873 Axe SG Gold Temptation 4p 473mL 473mL
011111283749 Axe SG Anarchy Female 6p 473mL 473mL
011111703520 Axe You 4p 473mL 473mL
011111621206 Axe Adrelaine Cool Charge 355mL
011111623910 Axe Urban Charcoal Clean 355mL
011111623927 Axe Signature Skin Hydrator 355mL
011111007932 Axe Shower Tool 4ct Unitaire
011111399976 Axe SG Phoenix 4p 28z W/PUMP 828mL
011111538412 Axe SG Apollo 4p 28z/828mL W/Pump 828mL
011111124127 DOVE BW DEEP MOISTURE 6 12Z (354mL) 354mL
011111121140 DV BW Cool Moisture 6 12z 354mL
011111122123 DOVE BW SEN 6 12 OZ 354mL
011111076914 Dove BW Revive 6 354mL 354mL
011111135741 Dove BW Rebalance 6 354mL 354mL
011111125056 DOVE BW EXF 6 12 OZ 354mL
011111263017 Dove BW Restore 6p 354mL 354mL
011111116016 Dove BW Shea Butter 6 354mL 354mL
011111080805 Dove BW Creamy 6 354mL 354mL
011111416277 DV BW Revitalize 6p 354mL 354mL
011111528642 Dove BW Sweet Cream+Peony 6p 354mL 354mL
011111552746 Dove BW Dry Oil Moisture 6p 354mL 354mL
011111631564 Dove BW GF Rejuvenate 6p 354mL 354mL
011111634657 Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture 400mL
011111634664 Dove Shower Foam Cool Moisture 400mL
011111634671 Dove Shower Foam Shea Butter 400mL
011111016538 Dove Mens BW Extra Fresh 6 400mL 400mL
011111016545 Dove Mens BW Clean Comfort 6 400mL 400mL
011111016552 Dove Mens BW Deep Clean 6 400mL 400mL
011111210752 Dove BW Mens Fresh Awake 6 400mL 400mL
011111265578 Dove Mens BW Aqua Impact 6p 400mL 400mL
011111439979 DV Mens BW Ultra Hydration 6p 400mL 400mL
011111439962 DV Mens BW Sensitive Shield 6p 400mL 400mL
011111542839 Dove Mens BW Oil Control 6p 400mL 400mL
011111657632 DMC Minerals & Sage 400mL
011111653245 DMC Charcol & Clay 400mL
011111611344 DV BW M+C Extra Fresh 4p 695mL W/Pump 695mL
011111598539 Dove BW Sweet Cream+Peony 6p 650mL 650mL
011111598546 Dove Dry Oil Control 650mL
011111597983 Dove Cool moisture 650mL
011111597969 Dove DM 650mL
011111597976 Dove SS 650mL
079400350329 Axe SH Primed Just Clean 6p 355mL 355mL
079400210425 AXE Phoenix 2 IN 1 SH+CD 6 355mL 355mL
079400280794 Axe SH 2n1 Apollo 6p 355mL 355mL
079400298058 AXE SH/CD/BW 3n1Total Fresh 6p 355mL 355mL
079400350350 AXE SH/CD 2n1 Armour AD 6p 355mL 355mL
079400643988 AXE SH 2n1 ADR DLY Clean 355mL
079400643971 AXE SH Urban Thickening 355mL
079400643964 AXE SH SIG Dandruff Defense 355mL
079400350398 Axe Messy Look Paste 75g
079400350381 Axe Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade 75g
079400350602 Axe Spiked up Look Pomade 75g
079400122971 Axe Styling Natural 75gr
079400360106 AXE Messy Look Matte Hold Gel 170g
079400636553 Signature High Shine Gel 170g
079400002105 DV SH Daily Moisture 6p 355mL 355mL
079400140395 DV SH NOUR Oils 6p 355mL+ BNS BW 53mL 355mL
079400002129 Dove SH Volume 355mL
079400408259 DV SH Go Fresh Cool MSTR THPY 6p 355mL 355mL
055086607414 DV SH Therapy 6p 355mL 355mL
079400002198 Dove Moisturizing Color 6p 355mL 355mL
079400002112 Dove Daily Moist Therapy 2 355mL
079400140609 DV CD Nourishing Oils 6p 355mL 355mL
055086607421 DV CD Therapy 6p 355mL 355mL
079400002167 DV CD DM 6p 355mL + BNS DV Dry SH 32g 355mL
079400002174 Dove CD volume 355mL
079400408266 DV CD Go Fresh Cool MSTR THPY6p 355mL 355mL
079400082367 Dove SH Revival 6x355mL 355mL
079400082374 Dove CD Revival 6x355mL 355mL
079400624888 DV CD Go Fresh Coconut 6p 355mL 355mL
079400624895 DV SH Go Fresh Coconut 6p 355mL 355mL
079400667946 DV SH Complete Fortification 355mL
079400667953 DV CD Complete Fortification 355mL
079400210074 DV Reinvigorating Dry SH 6p 142g 142g
079400209849 DV Msture Protection Flxible Hld 6p 198g 198g
079400209863 DV Nourishing Amplifier Mousse 6p 198g 198g
079400209832 DV Strengthening Shine Extra Hld 6p 198g 198g
079400209856 DV Nourshng Crl+Sculpt Whped Crm 6p 198g 198g
079400209870 DV Unscented Extra Hold AE 6p 198g 198g
079400210029 DV Strngthng Shne Non 273mL
079400210036 DV Shape+Lift Volumizing Gel 6p 195mL 195mL
079400581648 DV Dry SH Volume 6p 142g 142g
079400210043 DV Frizz 98mL
079400141484 DV SH Mens Deep Clean 2in1 6p 355mL 355mL
079400141491 DV SH Mens AntiDandruff 6p 355mL 355mL
079400141606 DV SH Mens Thick and Clean 6p 355mL 355mL
079400441317 DV M SH Oxygen Charge 6p 355mL 355mL
079400272867 DV M SH 2in1 Sensitive Scalp 6p 355 mL 355mL
079400553799 DV M SH Complete Care 6p 355mL 355mL
079400677297 DV M SH 2n1 Minerals + Sage 355mL
079400666833 DV M SH Invigoration Ignite 355mL
079400692481 DV M SH Charcoal 6p 355mL
079400342034 DV SH Oxygen Moisture 6p 355mL 355mL
079400343147 DV SH Pure Care Dry Oil 6p 355mL 355mL
079400342041 DV CD Oxygen Moisture 6p 355mL 355mL
079400343161 DV CD Pure Care Dry Oil 6p 355mL 355mL
079400561640 DV SH QN AB Ultra Nourishing 6p 250mL 250mL
079400561657 DV CD QN AB Ultra Nourishing 6p 250mL 250mL
079400563729 DV Supreme Creme Serum 12p 97mL 97mL
079400345813 DV SA Oxygen Moist Spray 12p 97mL 97mL
079400140708 DV CRM Nourishing Oils Leave In 6p 120mL 120mL
079400263766 DV SA Strong Hold Gel 12p 207.01mL 207mL
079400263919 DV SA Styling Paste 12p 51.75mL 49g
079400550347 DV M SA Pomade 12p 1.75z/49g 49g
079400001054 DV SH Daily Moisture Therapy 4x750mL 750mL
079400408884 DV SH 4p 750mL 750mL
079400220738 Dove SH Nourishing Oil Care 4p 750mL 750mL
079400220745 Dove CD Nourishing Oil Care 4p 750mL 750mL
079400001061 DV CD Daily Moisture Therapy 4x750mL 750mL
079400408891 Dove Go Fresh Revive 750ml
079400104137 Dove SH Moisturizing Colour 4p 750mL 750mL
079400189455 DV SH Mens Deep Clean 2in1 4p 750mL 750mL
079400189462 Dove Men SH. Anti-Dandruff 750mL
079400550200 AXE DE AE Phoenix 12 4Z 113g
079400020840 Axe BS Dark Temptation 12ct 113g 113g
079400264411 Apollo BS 113g
079400197474 Axe BS Anarchy Male 12ct 113g 113g
079400197481 Axe BS Anarchy Female 12ct 113g 113g
079400123435 Axe BS Excite 12ct 113g 113g
079400551405 AXE BS KILO 12P 113G 113g
079400381088 Axe BS Gold Temptation 12p 113g 113g
079400700926 Axe You BS 12p 113g 113g
079400534309 Axe DS Phoenix 12p 3z 85g
079400264619 Axe DS Apollo 12p 85g 85g
079400197917 Axe DS Anarchy 12p 85g 85g
079400040404 Axe DS Dark Temptation 12p 85g 85g
079400378446 Axe DS Gold Temptation 12p 85g 85g
079400699572 Axe You Deo 12p 85g 85g
079400551108 AXE Dry IS Phoenix 12 2.7z 76g
079400264558 Axe IS Apollo 12ct 76g 76g
079400020864 Axe Dark Temptation 12p 76g 76g
079400551009 AXE Dry IS Essence 12 2.7z 76g
079400197900 Axe IS Anarchy 12ct 76g 76g
079400378415 Axe IS Gold Temptation 12p 76g 76g
079400699565 Axe You AP 12p 76g 76g
079400434838 Axe IS White Label Forest 12p 76g 76g
079400434845 Axe IS White Label Night 12p 76g 76g
079400527820 Axe IS Adrenaline 12p 76g 76g
079400641144 Axe Signature Gold AP 12p 76g 76g
079400441171 Axe APA Signature Forest 12p 107g 107g
079400441157 Axe APA Signature Night 12p 107g 107g
079400531957 Axe APA Adrenaline 12p 107g 107g
079400531964 Axe APA Urban 12p 107g 107g
079400643056 Axe Signature Gold APA 107g
079400247247 Axe IS Phoenix 6(2) 76g 2x76g
079400247254 Axe IS Dark Temptation 6(2) 76g 2x76g
055086605656 DFW IS Shower Clean 12ct 74g 74g
045893060557 DFM IS Cool Comfort 12p 76g 76g
055086605762 DFM IS Sport 12p 76g 76g
079400640000 DFM Black + White AP 12p 76g 76g
079400027238 DFM DS Arctic Edge 12p 85g 85g
079400026743 DFM DS Cool Impact 12p 85g 85g
079400027252 DFM DS Intense Sport 12p 85g 85g
079400365514 DFM DS Everfresh 12p 85g 85g
079400123497 DFW Prem IS Active Fresh 12ct 48g 48g
045893059483 Degree UC Pure Rain 12p 48g (1.6z) 48g
079400123473 DFW IS MotionSense Active Clean 12p 48g 48g
079400275363 DFW IS MotnSen Sheer Powder 12p 48g 48g
079400369772 DFW IS MotionSense Tropical Rush 12p 48g 48g
079400356673 DFW IS MotionSense Berry Cool 12p 48g 48g
079400532923 DFW IS MS Active Shield 12p 48g 48g
079400638809 DFW Black + White AP 12p 48g 48g
079400077349 DFM IS ADV PRO ADVENT12P 76G 76g
079400148407 DFM IS ADV PRO MS SPRT DFNS 12P 76G 76g
079400123411 DFM IS ADV PRO EVEREST 12P 76G 76g
079400357519 DFM IS ADV PRO COOL RUSH 12P 76G 76g
079400532831 DFM IS PP Active Shield 12p 76g 76g
079400007483 DFW Clinical PRO Shower Clean 12p 48g 48g
079400028143 Degree Clinical Sheer Powder 12 48g 48g
079400367143 DFW Clinical Stress Control 12p 48g 48g
079400577085 DFW Clinical 5in1 Protection 12p 48g 48g
079400537263 DFW Clinical Active Shield 12p 48g 48g
079400007476 DFM Clinical PRO Clean 12p 48g 48g
079400446787 DFW APA Fresh Energy 12p 108g 107g
079400446794 DFW APA Sheer Powder 12p 108g 107g
079400446770 DFW APA Shower Clean 12p 108g 107g
079400536822 DFW APA Daisy Fresh 12p 107g 107g
079400536518 DFW APA Active Shield 12p 107g 107g
079400628817 DFW APA Black + White 12p 107g 107g
079400447227 DFM APA Adventure 12p 107g 107g
079400447234 DFM APA Sport Defense 12p 107g 107g
079400447210 DFM APA Everest 12p 107g 107g
079400536716 DFM APA Cool Rush 12p 107g 107g
079400536464 DFM APA Active Shield 12p 107g 107g
079400627803 DFM APA Black+White 12p 107g 107g
055086602679 Dove IS Powder 12p 75g 74g
055086602464 Dove IS Original 12p 74g 74g
045893060526 Dove IS Cool Essentials 12p 75g 74g
079400220660 Dove IS Fresh 12p 74g 74g
045893059926 Dove UC Cool Essentials 12p 45g (1.6z) 45g
079400122629 Dove UGF Rebalance 12 45g 45g
079400074867 Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive 12 45g 45g
045893084218 Dove UC Sensitive Skin 12p 45g (1.6z) 45g
079400212269 Dove Go Sleeveless Beauty Finish 12p 45g 45g
079400271655 Dove Go Fresh Restore 12ct 45g 45g
045893059896 Dove UC Original Clean 12p 45g (1.6z) 45g
079400365361 Dove GS Shea Butter 12p 45g 45g
079400365354 Dove GS Soothing Chamomile 12p 45g 45g
079400536877 Dove GS Caring Coconut 12p 45g 45g
079400536884 Dove GS Powder Soft 12p 45g 45g
079400606945 Dove Clear Finish AP 12p 45g 45g
079400631039 Dove Sheer Fresh AP 12p 45g 45g
055086165334 DV UC GF Cool Ess 6(2) 45g 2x45g
055086165341 Go Gresh Revive AP 2x45g
079400122674 Dove Men+Care Deo Clean Comfort 12 85g 85g
079400122681 Dove Men+Care Deo Extra Fresh 12 85g 85g
079400270894 Dove Men+Care DS Cool Silver 12 85g 85g
079400631091 DMC Elements Mineral+Sage Deo 12p 85g 85g
079400631107 DMC Elements Mineral Pwd + SND Deo 12p 85g 85g
079400122636 Men Clean Comfort AP 76g
079400122643 Men Extra Fresh AP 76g
079400270887 Men+Care Cool Silver AP 76g
079400348227 Men+Care Fresh Awake AP 76g
079400446046 DM+C Sensitive Shield AP 76g
079400630988 DMC Elements Mineral+Sage AP 12p 76g 76g
079400631084 DMC Elements Mineral Pwd + SND AP 12p 76g 76g
079400605054 DMC Invisible AP 12p 76g 76g
079400047342 Dove Clinical Clean Protect 12p 45g 45g
079400047366 Dove Clinical Cool Dry 12p 45g 45g
079400539816 Dove Clinical Ultimate Powder 12p 45g 45g
079400123329 Dove Men Clinical Clean Comfort 48g
079400446077 Dove Cool Essentials APA 107g
079400445773 Dove Revive APA 107g
079400446084 Dove Beauty Finish APA 107g
079400446060 Dove Original APA 107g
079400536860 Dove Unscented APA 107g
079400536853 Dove Calming Chamomile APA 107g
079400599568 Dove Clear Finish APA 12p 107g 107g
079400634290 Dove Sheer Fresh APA 12p 107g 107g
079400446190 DM+C Clean Comfort APA 107g
079400447128 DM+C Extra Fresh APA 107g
079400545695 DM+C Cool Fresh APA 107g
079400545688 DM+C Sensitive Shield APA 107g
079400636416 DMC Elements Mineral+Sage APA 12p 107g 107g
079400636423 DMC Elements Mineral Pwd + SND APA 12 107g 107g
079400599551 DMC Invisible APA 12p 107g 107g
011111269101 Dove Aerosol Shave Gel Hydrate 198g
011111273177 Dove Aerosol Shave Gel Sensitive 198g
011111273153 Dove Post Shave Balm Hydrate 100ml
011111273184 Dove Face Lotion Hydrate 50mL
011111268869 Dove Face Wash Hydrate 148ml
011111269385 Dove Face Wash Sensitive 148ml
When will I receive my prize?
The winning trip will take place November 27-29, 2017. (Subject to change).
Who is eligible for the contest?
Open to all legal residents of Canada, who: (i) are between the ages of 25 and 65 at the time of entry; (ii) hold a valid category B driver’s licence; (iii) must be between 5’0 ft and 6’2ft in height; (iv) do not weigh more than 220 lbs; (v) must not have blood pressure over 150/80; (vi) must speak and understand English or French to a high level; (vii) must not have any previous heart conditions or history of epilepsy, head trauma with or without loss of consciousness, dizziness, slipped disk or hernia; (viii) must not be undergoing any medical treatment that may impair judgment or reaction speed; (ix) must have good eyesight; (x) hold a valid Passport; (xi) must be able to travel for arrival in Dubai on November 27th, 2017, and departure from Dubai on November 29th, 2017; (xii) will be required to sign liability waivers as well as a good-conduct pledge (“Eligibility Criteria”).

Despite the foregoing, employees, representatives or agents (and those with whom such persons are domiciled, whether related or not) of Unilever Canada Inc. (the “Sponsor”), its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, prize suppliers, advertising/promotion agencies and any other entity involved in the development, production, administration, or fulfillment of the Contest (collectively, the “Contest Parties”) are not eligible to enter the Contest.

See full Rules and Regulations.